Interested in Joining the Lab?

Information for Undergraduates, Research Assistants or Prospective Volunteers

Please fill out this form if you are interested in opportunities to assist with research in the Ackerly Lab. We are often looking for interested people to help out in both the field and the lab.


Information for prospective Ph.D. students

I will be reviewing applications for new PhD student(s) for Fall 2017. Also, this year I will be especially interested in candidates who may be a good match for the DS421 training program – see information here: Applications to the program are accepted after the Berkeley admissions process is complete, so no action is needed in advance.

My main interest areas are native plants of California and the impacts of climate change on conservation strategies. Recent and current students have worked on evolution of demography and phenology in relation to climate, hydraulics in chaparral shrubs, fire ecology and flammability, and community assembly in California woodlands. Projects combine field work, development of quantitative methods and/or theoretical modeling. The lab currently has a long-term study site at Pepperwood Preserve in Sonoma County, and many students are doing portions of their research at that site.

Information about the Integrative Biology graduate program is here.

The UC Berkeley Graduate School website is here.


Information for prospective post-docs

I do not have any post-doctoral openings in my lab at this time.

For those applying for independent fellowships, or interested in a Miller Post-doctoral Fellowship, please contact me about possibilities in my lab.


– David Ackerly